Our Brothers are Everywhere. Why?

Because at Delta Sigma Pi, especially here at the Kappa Lambda chapter, we are committed to raising leaders in the community and commercial world. We believe that everyone is capable of achieving their goals and securing the job they want and we are here to help students reach that full potential. As brothers, we help each other however we can, be it the résumé, interview prep, cover letter drafting, networking tips, etc., and as a result, we never cease to develop and grow professionally.

Do you need to be a part of a professional business fraternity to be successful?

Definitely not, but we are a resource here on this campus for students to take advantage of. Why approach your goals alone when there are Brothers who all have similar aspirations. We all pledged as young and naïve students but what we gained from it all is invaluable. Becoming a Deltasig takes work but we all come out of it more driven, business savvy, undaunted and ready to take on the many challenges ahead.

Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself and see where our brothers have landed themselves. We develop confident, knowledgeable and ambitious individuals, and it seems that all these institutions agree with this sentiment:

These firms are where our ideals have taken us. With over 900 alumni, spread over all these firms and more, your resources don’t just extend to collegiate brothers; your resources are unlimited. We all made the decision to pledge and become Brothers of this fraternity, what are you waiting for?