Delta Sigma Pi isn’t just four years… it’s for life!

Delta Sigma Pi is Binghamton University’s oldest and largest Co-Ed Professional Business Fraternity. With over 900 alumni and 50 active members, we have an extremely strong presence on campus.

Why Join Binghamton’s Foremost Professional Business Fraternity?

Delta Sigma Pi is an international co-ed professional business fraternity founded at New York University’s School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance. Since its founding on November 7, 1907 the fraternity has grown to over 200 active chapters and colonies, with over 275,000 members.

The Kappa Lambda Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi was founded on February 28, 1981, making it the oldest professional fraternity on campus, and among the oldest of any Greek organizations here at Binghamton University. Today, Delta Sigma Pi has become one of largest business organizations at Binghamton University.

Our Recruitment Week is meant to mimic what it’s like being a Brother of Delta Sigma Pi. Expect to see professional, community service, and social events–all things we value as brothers of this fraternity.

Questions? Contact Senior Vice President Justin Mathew at

A Word From Our President

Dear Prospective Brother,

On behalf of all my brothers and the fraternity, I would like to thank you for your interest in becoming a brother of Delta Sigma Pi, the organization that has risen to become my second family for the past three years and for many more years to come.

Regardless of what you’re seeking in an organization, I am confident in the fraternity’s ability to provide all that and more. I joined as a sophomore looking solely for a medium to develop professionally. Fortunately, Delta Sigma Pi relentlessly shattered my preconceived expectations and instead provided all that while running forth with reckless abandon to show me what it means to have so many people support and encourage you. In other words, a brotherhood like none other.

Like many of you I’m sure, I arrived eager and ambitious but with no real sense of direction. Delta Sigma Pi provided me with all the resources and advice I desired to best discern for myself what was best for me. I reflect back and think about how far along I’ve come now in two years and am baffled by how much I’ve grown professionally and socially. The avenues that this organization provides you to be the best individual you can be is endless. I always say that if you bring the passion, we will bring everything else necessary to get you to where you want to be. That’s a promise.

Candidly speaking, do you need to join a fraternity to be successful? No.

However, will Delta Sigma Pi make things much more simple and open you up not only to a world of opportunities but also to an incomparable group of friends? I say so with a resounding and steadfast “Yes!”

With all that said, I implore you to actively discern which organization is best for you and sincerely hope that it can provide you with as much guidance and a sense of family that Delta Sigma Pi so graciously abounds unto me. If Delta Sigma Pi happens to be that organization, then I eagerly look forward to the opportunity one day to not only call you a friend but a Brother. Regardless, best of luck to you in all your endeavors!
Juan Cortes

Did You Know?

● 1000+ members at Binghamton University and 275,000+ worldwide

● We have an extensive faculty network with over 20 initiated, including Dean Upinder Dhillon

● Highest GPA out of all business fraternities at Binghamton and second highest out of Binghamton Greek Life overall

● DSP Alumnus William Rayfield was the graduation student speaker for Class of 2017 SOM Undergraduate Ceremony

● Our brothers work at SOM Academic Advising, SOM Career Services, SA Ink, and more

About Us

Delta Sigma Pi is a co-ed professional business fraternity that brings students of similar interests to one place. In our fraternity, students foster a life long brotherhood and help each other in achieving the foremost level of commercial standards.

"Whether it's through giving back to the school, younger brothers, or networking, I find myself becoming a better individual. DSP did that for me."
Andy Cheng
Current Brother
"I loved recruitment and getting to know the brothers. If I could tell every candidate one thing, I would tell them to get to know everyone and to be themselves!"
Justin Mathew
Senior Vice President
"Delta Sigma Pi has really helped me come a long a way and also has made my time in college a priceless experience."
Carly Friedman
Current Brother