Thank you for your interest in Delta Sigma Pi! Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about recruitment along with our answers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


A business fraternity such as Delta Sigma Pi offers an ideal balance of professionalism and social interaction. We are able to help you enhance your career goals through our comprehensive series of professional events which will help illuminate your career path. A couple of noteworthy events we have held include hosting informative events with firms such as  PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst & Young, HorizonMedia, CohnReznick, Protiviti, RSM and more. These events along with our alumni networking events help you develop a professional network that extends far beyond your college years. Although a business fraternity is a great way to develop professional skills, ultimately the strength of the fraternity lies in the brotherhood and the unique lifelong friendships that develop. We’re not just brothers for four years, but for life!

Delta Sigma Pi is a selective organization. As such, there are several basic requirements that all of our potential candidates must meet before being able to be considered for a bid. These basic requirements include:

  • A minimum of 12 credits completed at Binghamton University or another collegiate institution. Freshmen students must be in their second semester here at Binghamton University to be considered.
  • Currently enrolled in the School of Management or an Economics or Actuarial Sciences major in Harpur College. If you do not have a declared major, you must have the intention of following a business curriculum.
  • 2.5 GPA (as per the Office of Greek Life).

Additionally, it is highly recommended that a candidate attend as many of our recruitment events as possible, as this will not only help us get to know the candidate better but for the candidate to get to know us!

As for freshmen students, you are also highly encouraged to attend all of our events as well. This not only shows interest and dedication, but if you decide to come out again the following semester when you are eligible to receive a bid, it only helps you because we will already know who you are! It is not uncommon for ineligible first semester freshmen to maintain close ties to Brothers even after recruitment.

Recruitment is a time when Delta Sigma Pi hosts a series of informational, professional, service and social events on and around campus. This is a great opportunity for those interested in joining our Brotherhood to get to know who we are, what we do and for you to decide if this is an experience you want to be a part of. It’s the perfect venue to ask any questions that you may have.

Delta Sigma Pi has a rich tradition here at Binghamton University. Established in 1981, we hold the distinction of being the oldest professional fraternity at Binghamton. Delta Sigma Pi is unique in its singular focus on business development and stresses the importance of developing the most well rounded young professionals who uphold the highest level of integrity. With a membership consisting solely of business students, Delta Sigma Pi offers a program directly applicable both to the undergraduate business major and to the contemporary corporate environment. In addition, Delta Sigma Pi offers a vast network of members and alumni at such prestigious firms as listed on the Career page. We are also proud to say that a total of 1041 brothers have been initiated as we celebrate our upcoming 39th anniversary!

Each organization is different and unique in the purpose it serves. What distinguishes us from other organizations is simple: brotherhood. This fraternal bond is formed through commitment and this is something we ask of all brothers. However, we do highly encourage you to be involved with various organizations on campus to not only broaden your horizons, but to meet others who share a passion and interest with you, whether it be related or unrelated to your career goals. Our brothers are also actively involved in intramural sports, religious organizations, dance teams, a capella groups and more!

By coming out to our events during recruitment week! Recruitment week is a week-long series of social, professional, and community services events that give you a glimpse into Delta Sigma Pi and see what we’re all about. You don’t have to come out to all of our events but we highly recommend doing so. Additionally, one can receive a bid by doing the following:

  1. Attending one General Interest Meeting
  2. Attending two other events
  3. Interviewing at the end of recruitment week

By doing all the above, you become eligible to receive a bid and we will decide whether you will able to succeed and further yourself within the fraternity. Upon deciding to give you a bid, we will then contact you with further instructions.

There is no one single type of person that Delta Sigma Pi looks for. On the contrary, the fraternity values diversity and welcomes individuality. You’ll find that the Brothers of Delta Sigma Pi range in all sorts of backgrounds, interests, and career aspirations. We have Brothers hailing from New York to California, Vancouver to Seoul, England to Colombia; we have Brothers who choose to work at anywhere from the Big Four firms and investment banks to the Peace Corps and many other not-for-profits. So, simply put, no, there is no one “type” of Deltasig.

Beta Alpha Psi is an honors organization opened to students pursuing a degree in either accounting, finance or management information systems. Due to the fact that they are an honors society, and not a fraternity that falls under Greek Life, you are allowed to be a member of both Beta Alpha Psi and Delta Sigma Pi like many of our brothers.

Although as a first semester freshman we are unable to extend a bid to you, you are absolutely able (and encouraged!) to rush as a first semester Freshman. This way, when your second semester comes along, you would have already met most of the brothers and know what the process is like–your chances of being offered a bid are greatly improved by doing so.

Definitely! First off, welcome to Binghamton and we hope you’re enjoying your first few weeks here! We would love to have you start your semester and time here at Binghamton by hitting the ground running. We encourage you to rush, see what we are about and discern whether or not becoming a member of our Fraternity aligns with your goals and plans. We like to think that we would be a great resource and can help make your transition as smooth as possible.

Now with the fifth year that most accounting majors will need to stay (in order to be compliant with the CPA Examination’s 150 credit hours requirement), instead of speaking in terms of “seniors” or “graduate students”, the rule of thumb is that you must have at least one semester after the semester you pledge in order to rush. As a senior or graduate student, you must be able to demonstrate that you are not only interested in what you can get out of Delta Sigma Pi, but also how you can give back. With that said, although it is uncommon for us to extend a bid to a fourth year non-accounting student or fifth year accounting-student, it is definitely not unheard of or impossible.

We welcome any student who is interested in what we are about to participate in the rush process. However, according to the bylaws set forth by the Central Office, we are only allowed to extend bids to those on a business oriented career path. In our situation, we are only able to extend bid offers to those enrolled in the School of Management or are studying either Economics or Actuarial Sciences in Harpur College. To any student who has not yet declared a major, we can only extend a bid to you if you have the intention of following a business curriculum.

A bid is a formal invitation for an individual to pledge our fraternity. In order to be eligible to receive a bid, you cannot be a first semester freshman student. You must also have above a 2.5 GPA (as stated by Greek Life) and go through a formal invitation process during our recruitment week. The interview process is an opportunity for us to get to know you in a more formal and professional environment. What we are looking for through this entire recruitment process are ambitious and bright individuals with a disposition to succeed and contribute to our brotherhood. Bring an eagerness to learn and we’ll do the rest!

Yes, you can. In fact, we highly encourage candidates to return if they did not receive a bid the first time around, as it demonstrates perseverance and a drive for improvement. Candidates are allowed to come out to recruitment up to two times total.

Pledging is designed to transform you professionally and personally. Candidly speaking, pledging is a commitment but certainly not one that will hinder you from being a proactive, social and academically successful student. We say the best way for us to quantify the commitment is by comparing it to taking another course or training for an actual firm. We notice that many of our brothers come out of this process much more structured, knowledgeable, engaged and thus, should be a process you look forward to gain and learn from.

Although Delta Sigma Pi is proud of the accomplishments of our fraternity, we also recognize the value of mutual help and humility. The Brothers of Delta Sigma Pi are also heavily engaged with activities that help better the local Binghamton community. This community has allowed us students to thrive and we not only see the importance of but also the need to give back. Delta Sigma Pi actively participate in soup kitchens, elementary school visits, and pancreatic cancer research. Delta Sigma Pi has also co-adopted a portion of Vestal Parkway with one of the big four accounting firms, KPMG, and regularly maintain it.

Brothers of Delta Sigma Pi are heavily involved in campus activities through participation in student organizations, student government, and employment activities. Brothers have taken leadership positions in the Beta Alpha Psi, Binghamton University Marketing Association, Public Speaking Lab, ALPFA, BMMMO, Information Systems Club, Ascend, the Professional Fraternity Council, among many others. Apart from that, don’t be surprised if you find a few Deltasigs TA-ing for some of your courses or helping you in the School of Management Advising Office. Both the SOM Administration and Faculty are very familiar with our brothers because they know we’ll never hesitate to lend a hand.

If you bring the initiative and willingness to learn, brothers will never hesitate to help you. If offered a bid and you decide to pledge, from day one you have just opened yourself up to a well of knowledge and experience that many brothers are eager to share. From résumé critiques, interview preparation to studying for exams, or simply grabbing lunch, as brothers, we are there for each other every step of the way!

If we were unable to answer your question in this FAQ, don’t fret. Feel free to reach out to us at In addition, you can likely find us around campus so feel free to ask if you see us as any brother would be happy to answer one of your questions. If those don’t work for you, you can always ask us during recruitment week!